Customized Player

FlickRocket offer the possibility to create your own customized player for Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Android, Kindle and SmartTVs based on FluxPlayer. Your player can be customized with the design of your choice and can be optimized for your use cases. 

Typical customizations

Following some typical customizations for the player. Other options are possible.

  • Custom executable / app name (All OS).
  • Placement in App Store under your own name (iOS and Android).
  • Custom start menu entry (Windows).
  • Graphics for startup screen.
  • Custom icon (All OS).
  • Direct Link to related shop owner/shop (if available).
  • Exclusive display of content of related shops (All OS).
  • Additional data in „About“ function (All OS, if available).
  • Custom color scheme (iOS/Android: color of title bars/ All: color of play control elements).

Usage Rights

The customized player can be used without limition.

  • FluxPlayer can be placed under your name in App Stores. There is no usage limitation.
  • FluxPlayer can be used for multiple shops/content owners.
  • Possibility for In-app sales of content