The user resource represents admin users of the shop company. It contains information about each admin user. 

What can you do with User?

The FlickRocket API lets you do the following with the user resource. More detailed versions of these general actions may be available:

GET /api/users.json?updated_at_min=2016-03-16%2021:03:29

Receive a list of all admin users which have been updated after the given date.

GET /api/users/search.json?

Search for users matching supplied query

GET /api/users/#{token}.json

Receive a single admin user identified via token (User ID)

POST /api/users.json

Create a new admin user for current company

PUT /api/users/#{token}.json

Modify an existing admin user identified via token (User ID)

GET /api/users/count.json

Receive a count of all associated admin users in current company

User Properties

"company_id": 1202

The ID of the company to which the user belongs.

 "updated_at": "2016-02-24T14:19:51"

Date and time of the user creation.

This field is read-only


"language": "en"

"country": "DE"

"default": true

"id": 3124

"country_code": "DE"

"province_code": null

"name": "Max Muster"

"first_name": "Max"

"last_name": "Muster"

"zip": "44227"

"city": "Dortmund"

"country_name": "DE"

"company": "Sample LLC"

"provice_code": null

"address1": "Sample Str. 1"

"address2": ""

"phone": "+49-231-976765-20"


password_option: null

"email": "<script type="text/javascript">
              document.getElementById('cloak1c39668ed63f17c911baad56b4e68a25').innerHTML = '';
              var prefix = '&#109;a' + 'i&#108;' + '&#116;o';
              var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '=';
              var addy1c39668ed63f17c911baad56b4e68a25 = 's&#97;mpl&#101;' + '&#64;';
              addy1c39668ed63f17c911baad56b4e68a25 = addy1c39668ed63f17c911baad56b4e68a25 + 'j&#111;hnd&#111;&#101;' + '&#46;' + 'c&#111;m';
              var addy_text1c39668ed63f17c911baad56b4e68a25 = 's&#97;mpl&#101;' + '&#64;' + 'j&#111;hnd&#111;&#101;' + '&#46;' + 'c&#111;m';document.getElementById('cloak1c39668ed63f17c911baad56b4e68a25').innerHTML += '<a ' + path + '\'' + prefix + ':' + addy1c39668ed63f17c911baad56b4e68a25 + '\'>'+addy_text1c39668ed63f17c911baad56b4e68a25+'<\/a>';

The email address of the user.

"first_name": "John"

First name of the user.
"id": 2103

Unique ID identifying this user.

"language": "en"

The primary language used for this user. This language is used for communication with FlickRocket (admin interface, emails, etc.). The shop and product data might be in multiple different languages.

"last_name": "Doe"

Last name of the user.

"note": "Special sample promotion" 

Optional note added to this user.

permissions"request_products": 1
"request_keyfile": 1
"request_rescue_code": 1
"request_beta_code": 1
"create_users": 1
"web_access": 1
"accounting": 1
"unlock": 1
"RepAccounting": 1

Indicates that this user is enabled or disabled.

"time_zone": -120

The user's time zone offset to UTC in minutes


This token can be used to reference the user if the password isn't known.

This field is read-only

"updated_at": "2016-02-24T14:19:51"

Date and time of the last update made to the company record.

This field is read-only

"valid": true

Set to true if the company is valid and operational. 

This field is read-only

"verified_email": true

Is true if the user's email has been verified.

This field is read-only

Receive a list of all Users updated after a certain date

GET /api/users.json?updated_at_min=2016-01-16%2021:03:29
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Search for Users matching supplied query

GET /api/users/search.json?<script type="text/javascript">
              document.getElementById('cloak1ad4caa344a4ff2eecc359f4dc8c9c21').innerHTML = '';
              var prefix = '&#109;a' + 'i&#108;' + '&#116;o';
              var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '=';
              var addy1ad4caa344a4ff2eecc359f4dc8c9c21 = 'B&#111;b' + '&#64;';
              addy1ad4caa344a4ff2eecc359f4dc8c9c21 = addy1ad4caa344a4ff2eecc359f4dc8c9c21 + 's&#111;m&#101;' + '&#46;' + 'c&#111;m';
              var addy_text1ad4caa344a4ff2eecc359f4dc8c9c21 = 'B&#111;b' + '&#64;' + 's&#111;m&#101;' + '&#46;' + 'c&#111;m';document.getElementById('cloak1ad4caa344a4ff2eecc359f4dc8c9c21').innerHTML += '<a ' + path + '\'' + prefix + ':' + addy1ad4caa344a4ff2eecc359f4dc8c9c21 + '\'>'+addy_text1ad4caa344a4ff2eecc359f4dc8c9c21+'<\/a>';
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Receive a single User identified by User ID token

GET /api/users/#{token}.json
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Modify an existing User identified by User ID token

PUT /api/users/#{token}.json
  "user": {
  "first_name": "John",
  "last_name": "Doe"
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Receive a count of all users

GET /api/users/count.json
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