This object provides information about a specific blog. Each shop can create several blogs for different purposes. The object has the following fields:

Variable name Object Description Note
all_tags List<string> Contains all tags used in its articles.  
articles List<Article> This field contains a list of all articles (sorted newest-to-oldest) of this blog.  
articles_count int Number of available articles in the blog.  
comments_enabled? bool As comments are so far not supported, this flag will always be false.  
handle string An handle which is internally used for accessing this specific blog.  
id  int Internal id of this blog.  
moderated?  Bool This flag is always false, as comments are not supported for now.  
next_article string Contains the URL of the next (older) post or an empty string if there is none.  
previous_article string Contains the URL of the previous (newer) post or an empty string if there is none.  
tags List<string> Returns all tags of the articles which are currently shown (e.g. when being filtered, only tags the articles shown will be displayed).  
title string Contains the title of the blog.  
url  string Returns the url (always relative) of this blog.  


{% for a in blog.articles %}
 {{ article.title }}
{% endif %}


Something new
First blog article