The customer structure contains various information about the logged in user. If the user has not yet logged in, only some few fields of this structure are valid.

Variable name Object Description Note
has_account bool Tells whether the user is currently logged in. As the structure only exists if a user has logged in, this value is always true.  
admin bool Tells if the user is shop administrator FE
accepts_marketing bool Returns a flag whether the user accepts marketing, but currently always false will be returned.  
addresses List<Address> Returns a list of possible addresses of the customer. For now, this list always contains only the default address.  
addresses_count int Contains the number of customer addresses (currently always 1)  
default_address Address The default address of the customer (e.g. used for shipping).  
email string The email address of the logged in user.  
first_name string This specifies the first name of the logged in user.  
id int Returns an internal numerical identifier for the logged in user.  
last_name string This specifies the last name of the logged in user.  
name string Returns the full name of the logged in user (first name + last name).  
tags string Returns an empty string for now.