Pages contain shop-owner-defined content, which can be edited via the admin interface. Pages can be used to show the information as a single page (in the given layout), or as a kind of HTML snippet at any position of a different template (e.g. general information about shipping costs on the product template or nicely formatted company info in the footer section). The same page can exist in several translations, this object always holds the correct translation for the current user. The object contains the following fields:

Variable name Object Description Note
Author string The author of the page, currently unused.  
Content string Returns the actual content of the page, which is either plain text or HTML code.  
Handle string Handle identifier of the page.  
id int An internal numerical id for the page.  
published_at DateTime Currently unused and will contain the current date for now.  
title string Returns the title of the page (which is usually ignored if the page is used as a snippet).  
url string This is the (relative) URL of the given page.