Sometimes it could be helpful to see to which host and path a user request is issued or which parameters were sent. This object contains information about the current web request. The following fields are available:

Variable name Object Description Note


Contains country relative url path like: de/ or us/ EF
host string This is the domain name of the current request, e.g. “ EF
http_method string Contains method of the current request. POST,GET EF
parameters string This field returns an additional parameter (if available), e.g. “?q=movie&reset_all_filters=1” EF
parameters_dictionary Dictionary<stringstring> Contains a dictionary of all parameters for usage in Liquid expressions.  E.g. if you use a parameter like ?view=list, you can access this parameter either via request.parameters_dictionary.view or request.parameters_dictionary[‘view’]. EF
path string Returns the (relative) path for the current page (e.g. “/all/c/1”) EF


Contains the current platform: android, ios, windows, macos,.....  
mobile bool Is the current platform mobile  

Note: This object is exclusive to FlickRocket. If you are using a theme originating from Shopify and want to use this functionality, you need to add this.